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Are we animals or humans?Nowadays it has been understood that man is an animal, let alone some exceptionally well-developed characteristics. These include consciousness, cognitive ability and language. However, these properties are also found in other animals, though less well developed.

My great fascination for chimpanzees is based on our similarities and our way of seeing ourselves in them, because as soon as you put a chimpanzee in a human-encoded environment, you stop seeing them as animals and instead start focusing on what we have in common.

-Bobo Wallmansson

A word from Pontus Klingspor

As I've had the great opportunity to follow Bobo's working process closely for the last years I get more and more impressed - his dedication to every piece of art, his meticulous research of motives, motions and colours and his close relationship to his work - I see as the key to his success.

The response to his art is imidiate and the paintings evoke acquisitiveness. The audience always wants more! Bobos’ followers and collectors are very dedicated and have been faithful through out the years. Beside the chimpanzees the colours are his signum - always the air of being updated, always on spot and in bold combinations. 

Humanity and a warm meeting of nature - feelings that are recognizable around the globe. The great response and the fact that the art world is now showing a great interest in his work is fantastic and the journey has just started!

Pontus Klingspor, gallerist and agent

Artist statement

I usually say that I describe a generation gap in my paintings, between us and the chimpanzees, how they live as part of nature while we live off it, something that is no longer sustainable.

But you have to make choices that are not just for today, choosing things that someone else wants to take over when you feel you no longer want it, instead of using the wear and tear culture.

Therefore, I have a great fascination for the constant and timeless.